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Our writers focus on health, wellness, workout, bio- and life-hacking. We live the life and write about it so you have time to pursue perfection. From diet to training trends, from productivity and questions for your life coach, we can address all of your personal blog and article writing needs at an affordable rate.

Take advantage of our flat-fee pricing

  • Each individual article or blog $75
  • Introductory Rate: 1st Article or Blog $35 *MORE than 50% Off!
  • 5 Article Package $350 *$100 savings
  • 7 Article Package $400 *$125 savings (BEST VALUE)
  • 10 Article Package $500 *$250 savings

Now for the small print: All of our pricing include:

UNLIMITED word length (OK, so we may balk at writing an entire book but if you want us to, email Ceci Copia @ hi@goodcrafty.com to discuss pricing if you want us to ghostwrite your novel, business plan or any other type of long form item or to schedule an appointment to speak with our Founder + CEO Bonnie Klemm)

UNLIMITED Edits (Realistically, after 15 days after delivery, if you are still not satisfied, we will refund your fee rather than try to continue a relationship that is not working out for either of us)

Get started now! Email Ceci Copia @hi@goodcrafty.com with the details, and we will contact you within 24-hours to discuss the rest.

“Ghostwriting is the art of getting inside a person’s head like a method actor, only instead of acting out the part, we recreate it in the words of the character–literally.” Bonnie Klemm, Founder+CEO Good and Crafty LLC

Take advantage of a Exclusive FREE introductory Skype or phone interview with our Founder + CEO Bonnie Klemm to discuss your literary vision*

*Only available for new collaborators. Email Ceci Copia, Chief Unicorn in charge of Sh*t @ hi@goodcrafty.com to schedule your Exclusive Interview.

All ghostwriting services are offered at a flat $50 per hour

“A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement” Bo Bennett