It was either meditation or prison

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Learning to meditate was an easy decision

Not to be dramatic but…

Why did I learn how to meditate? Because I lived with an alcoholic is a very small environment. If I didn’t meditate, I would probably be in jail for murdering the man. I’m sorta kidding, but not really. It was either meditate, check myself into an insane asylum, and / or become heavily medicated myself.

Anyone who is going through a tough time, a divorce, a break-up, other loss, or maybe just (ha!) dealing with an alcoholic like I did should learn meditation. It is possible to navigate really difficult parts of your life using meditation. 5-10 minutes a day might just keep you from serving 5-10 in prison (hey, I understand, we’ve all had those thoughts.)

To be honest, meditation is not going to stop your emotional pain. You will still feel stress, anger, and all the other “icky” emotions. Meditation is one more super-powered tool for coping with strong, scary emotions (especially the ones you don’t necessarily want to feel). I get it – it does feel good to hate on someone you’re angry with. That’s fine, just don’t get lost in the negative thoughts vortex of unhappiness. Meditation was the ONLY thing that helped me survive my tenure as a caregiver for an alcoholic with all the symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

What meditation does do is give you a way to easily tap into the calmness within your brain, when you need it most. For example, when you’d rather lash out, start an argument, or do something else stupid. Meditation gives you the option to just breathe into calmness, literally, just breathing can activate the same feeling of release you experience during meditation. Unbelievable as this may sound, tt is just that simple. All you have to do is have an open mind, and a willingness to try meditation.

Ok, so now what? Just start. You can’t do meditation wrong. Get an app (I use Insight Timer for Android). Try guided meditations and timers, research and experiment with different techniques. Just do it. Daily, weekly, whenever you remember or really, really, really need to stop thinking about killing the person you’re mad at. Ask yourself if what they did is really worth going to prison for…stop – take three deep breaths (which is all it takes to change your brain waves), and feel the calmness induced by meditation.

Namaste & kisses

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