Who am I?

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Bonnie Klemm, Founder + CEO Good+Crafty LLC

As a Libertarian, I believe in free will and I write about life from the Libertarian perspective through multiple mediums including blogs, tweets, and my favorite vehicle, the erotic business novel. Visit Amazon Valentine’s Day 2018 for the first installment of my solo series “This book is appropriate for reading in public” better known as “It all started with a Suitcase Full of Cash.” If curious, you can find a link to the “Cast of Characters” here.

As a Health and Wellness Expert, I live the life. I eat healthy (always). I workout (every day). I spend time with friends and family (as often as they can stand being around me).

As a Ghost Writer, I write content for those who are too busy living the life to write their own content. (Because being healthy is a full-time job).

Check out www.goodcrafty.com for samples of my health and wellness writing. (Along with miscellaneous productivity tips and an honest take on my experience as a caregiver for an alcoholic “It was either meditation or prison”)

To contact me tweet @ABondGirl2 (don’t ask what happened to the first Bond Girl), email me @ hi@goodcrafty.com, or follow me on “Insta” (as the kids used to say) @goodcrafty.

XOXO + Namaste

Bonnie Klemm aka Ceci Copia

Founder + CEO, Good + Crafty LLC